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About Dota 2 Ranks

You hardly find somebody your own age who didn’t hear about Dota2. And no wonder: this game is so interesting and exciting, that millions of people play it every day! And since the introduction of the ranking system (MMR) every player can estimate his or her mastery and play with worthy gamers of an appropriate level.There are seven types of ranks, depending on amount of MMR: Herald (up to 700 points), Guardian (up to 1400 points), Crusader (up to 2180 points), Archon (up to 2920 points), Legend (up to 3960 points), Ancient (up to 4500 points) and Divine (4640 points and more). Every gamer can play with rivals about the same rank. So if you want to play with really strong players you need to play and score MMR, day by day. Or you can buy a boosted account and do it right now!