Low MMR in Dota 2 - the eternal problem of players.

You think that you play better than the other players with the same rating but the system is putting you against weaker teammates and opponents? Is your rating now growing as fast as you want it to grow? Tired to carry the whole team and not get anything for it? The output is simpler than it seems. - Buy Dota 2 account with a high MMR.

Briefly how it works.

A low rating does not mean that a player can’t do anything. The rating calculation system only looks at the amount of KDA ( Kills / Deaths/ Assists) per game. It is very difficult for the system to track everything you’ve done in the game. Thus it would only look if you’ve won or lost and what your KDA is.

Many who passed calibration, not knowing about such features, now play with players who sometimes can’t do anything. They very rarely come across players of the same level or higher. In this situation it’s easier to start over, buy a new Dota 2 account and conquer the game.

What is the benefit of buying an account?

First of all, you save time! Some simple calculations show that, in order to raise their Dota 2 MMR from 3.000 to 4.000 you need to play at least 400 with a win rate of 55% wich is not easy. Keep in mind that the team can draw or the opponent is too strong. The progress would take 3 to 5 months and will require a huge amount of free time. Wich many do NOT have. You simply buy a Dota 2 account directly with the desired rating.

How do you quickly become a professional? Buy an account with a hight MMR and play against good players! The real difficulity begins from the 4000MMR. and waiting for its owner. A wide range of accounts with different solo and party MMR.

Briefly how it works.

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