While some are chasing the rating and trying with all their might to fill it up as much as possible, other players are more interested in how to lower it to the limit - up to 1 MMR. This is not so easy to do, because you need to try to play the matches systematically for a long time, and to do it so as not to receive reports, followed by endless games in low priority or even a ban for six months.

After the introduction of tough sanctions against players trying to specifically play matches, it became almost impossible to merge their rating to the minimum threshold, and therefore it is more important to simply buy an account with 1 MMR.

Why do you need 1 MMR account?

Herald accounts does not provide any special bonuses or benefits directly from the developers. Often, such accounts are bought by people who:

They are interested in how users play with such a rating;

they want to rise from absolute zero, adding it to the list of their achievements;

They want to brag to their friends, because no one definitely has an account with 1 MMD, especially after the introduction of the sanctions mentioned.

Where to buy an account with 1 MMR?

You can buy a DotA account with 1 MMR from random people who are going to part with their account, but with a high probability you will simply give your money to fraudsters, since such profiles are practically not found today.

Buying accounts on our website, you get the opportunity to quickly acquire the desired account, as we always have them in stock and we are ready to give them to you. In order to get the desired 1 MMR account, you need:

  1. Pay for your purchase in any convenient way.
  2. Specify the e-mail to which data from the account will be sent.
  3. Wait until the profile information comes to your email, then enter it on Steam and play for fun

Buying 1 MMR ACCOUNT (Herald rank) on our website will always be extremely simple and fast for customers, and in addition, we guarantee the quality of any product, having a reputation as a reliable seller for many years.

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