Recently, many users have learned about the Dota 2 Behaviour Score, but not everyone knows what it means and how it work.

Many people only know that this indicator helps determine “hidden pool” in Dota 2 - a group of users whom the system specifically identifies to the team weak players who have recently had a negative win rate or a large number of reports. In order to prevent this from happening, it is useful to know what a Dota 2 Behaviour Score is and how to find it.

Behaviour score in Dota 2 after the lost matches will help you to determine why you still lost - because of the "HIDDEN POOL" or some other reason.

Dota 2 Behaviour score: How to check?

  1. Open console in Dota 2
  2. Type "developer 1"
  3. Then "dota_game_account_client_debug"'

Dota 2 Behaviour score is a new indicator of decency, according to which it is determined which players will be thrown into the games for certain users. Previously existing indicators were too complex in the definition and understanding of the players, and therefore the developers decided to simplify the task and make it easier to understand what kind of behavior rating the user has.

Total values go from A+ to F, where A + is the ideal behaviour score in Dota 2, and F is that hidden pool. It should be noted that this is a complete distribution into groups, and if, for example, you have an indicator of behaviour score C, then players with a similar value will fall for you and against you.

If you see the NORMAL behaviour score, it means that so far you do not have a certain level and you just have to get it in the upcoming games.
If your account has a bad value of Behaviour Score- better try to buy new Dota 2 account!

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