Rank up in Dota 2 - that's what all players want. In the same time, a lot of new players do not know how to increase WinRate in Dota 2.

How to improve your win rate in Dota 2?

We recommend:

1) Use heroes that are now in the meta. During matches, try to select only those heroes that show a high win rate within the current Dota 2 patch. You can check current TOP-10 heroes on dotabuff.com

2) Good Dota 2 heroes for Rank Up: Visage, Underlord, Huskar, Undying

3) Never insult your allies, this will significantly reduce the chances of rank up in Dota 2.

4) Learn as much as possible your game. Watch your behavior while playing. It often happens that the games are lost because of too much moral pressure on certain players, which is why some of them specifically merge the games to their allies. Insulting your allies, you will not achieve positive results, and even vice versa, only reduce the chances of winning the match.

5) Choose for yourself two positions on which you will play in Dota 2. This will improve the skills of playing on this line.

6) Practice killing creeps. This is very important, because when you kill creeps you earn golds for which you can buy the necessary items.

How to Rank up in Dota 2?

Each victory brings you +25 points (MMR). In order to score your rank you need about 200 points. If you will play 20 games and win 14, you will reach new rank in Dota 2.

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