Patch 7.29d has been around for quite a while now and the Professional scene of Dota has shown us how most of the Mid lane heroes share the same characteristics gameplay wise and how they also ultimately carry a similar objective to win the game, which is - Not being greedy and Making sure that they create more space for their carry than they occupy, so that they can give their carry players the tools required to succeed and carry the game. So without further ado, here are the top 5 Mid lane heroes who we think perform highly in the patch 7.29d

Starting off with Void Spirit, a model Mid lane hero who fits into the pool comfortably, as this hero does what the mid lane role in the current patch is expected to do, perfectly. Void Spirit has a very high pick rate with a staggering 67.45% lane presence across all Dota 2 matches. Void Spirit is a very powerful hero who has high damage output throughout all stages of the game and laning with this hero is quite simple. The potential to solo kill with this hero is very high and this hero does a very good job at pressuring the sidelines as well as making plays on the map. Losing a lane with Void Spirit is not a big deal since this hero is very good at recovering in the game due to the impact he can create, as long as he gets enough levels and experience. Void Spirit is also a very mobile hero, meaning he has spells that make him flexible and harder to kill as well as allowing him to kite the enemies and create space for his carry without dying. It is also very easy to control as well as burst the enemy back lines as Void Spirit, especially when you purchase Aghanim’s Sceptre on this hero, which causes your resonant pulse to silence and gain 2 charges.


Similar to his brother Void Spirit, Ember Spirit’s playstyle suits the current meta for Mid lane heroes very well. Ember Spirit is naturally a very good hero to kite and drag the enemies across the map and he also deals high levels of damage throughout all stages of the game much like Void Spirit. Ember Spirit traditionally likes to make plays across the map and drag the enemy’s attention onto himself, allowing him to create space for his carry players when needed. Laning with Ember Spirit is also very straightforward as he has a very few lane counters and much like Void Spirit, Ember can recover from a lost lane beautifully as long as he has levels and experience. One of Ember’s key strengths is that he is very hard to catch, which means that he can split push waves fearlessly with the help of his fire remnants and the item maelstrom, which Ember Spirit typically builds, since it helps him clear waves much faster with the use of his second spell sleight of fist, on top of that, maelstrom being a very strong item over the last few patches ever since it has been buffed really amplifies the damage output of Ember Spirit in teamfights.



Next up, we have Puck. Even though Puck has been nerfed several times, he still manages to stand out and make it into the pool confidently. Puck’s laning stage is very powerful and he is also blessed with a high amount of spell damage as well as great solo kill potential especially when he hits the level 6 power spike. Puck does not really have many bad lane matchups and he is also extremely good at ganking side lanes with his ultimate spell, dream coil. Puck is extremely mobile and slippery, which can make catching and killing Puck a total nuisance and disaster for the enemy team due to the survivability built in his kit, which allows Puck to make place on the map and waste the enemy’s time trying to chase him while he makes tons of space for his carry. Puck can also flash farm waves with his low cooldown and high damage nukes, so he is naturally a good hero at pushing waves. When it comes to itemization, Puck is very versatile and this is one of the features that make Puck as dangerous as he is. Not to mention, Puck also scales very well into the late game, especially with his Aghanim’s Sceptre purchase, which allows his dream coil to pierce BKB, which the enemy carries are bound to have in the late game.

Templar Assassin is currently one of the most popular Mid heroes in the game and she is looking absolutely strong in her games, on and off the pro scene, hence the reason why she is heading into the top 5 Mid heroes in the current patch of 7.29d. The game plan of Templar Assassin is brutally simple, you just have to be as efficient as possible. With Templar Assassin, hitting your timings is your first priority with this hero. Pop refraction, shove the wave, stack ancients in your down time, tell your supports to stack ancients, farm the stacks, rinse and repeat. Templar Assassin is a hero that does not gank the sidelines like the other heroes in the list, she would rather hit her timings fast, get strong enough to engage in fights and burst enemies with her monstrous physical damage. In the current patch, Templar Assassin loves to rush the Dragon Lance build, and not the casual blink deso build like before. Why? Because, firstly, the item Dragon Lance got buffed and gives Templar Assassin more attack range, which synergises with the level 10 talent that Templar Assassin now has, which is a +100 Psi Blades Range. This allows TA to play very defensive and far back in fights due to the amazing attack range she receives from the item and the talent. Templar Assassin in the past was more vulnerable and easier to kill, but with the Dragon Lance build, she is much more tankier as it provides her with +12 strength and +16 agility, which gives her more survivability and armor respectively. With Templar Assassin, you do not want to initiate fights or even bother ganking lanes, with TA you would just simply want to shove waves, hit the jungle and wait for fights to happen, and when they do, go over, put down a trap, turn on refraction before you show up to the fight, and clean your enemies up.

Lastly, we come to Zeus. With a staggering 64.63% presence in the Mid lane along with a win rate 55.57%, Zeus makes it in the top 5 Mid lane heroes of the current patch. Zeus’s tremendous amounts of spell damage throughout all stages of the game allows him to decimate his enemies before they get a chance to respond. Laning with Zeus is super simple as his first spell allows you to secure most of the last hits, as well as the fact that Zeus’s base damage at the start of the game is rather impressive, laning is not an issue with this hero. Zeus clears waves very fast and he farms stacks in the jungle pretty well too. This hero is a very mana hungry hero, so investing in mana regeneration items such as Kaya, Aether Lens and Euls can prove to be very beneficial. At the moment, Zeus’s mid game power spike lines up very well with his timings and completely stomps underleveled supports and carries. Zeus and Void Spirit have the highest KDA ratio averages which makes him a solid pick for beginners and people who are fairly new to the Mid lane.

With that being said, we hope that you guys exploit the current patch with these high impact Mid lane heroes who are going to guarantee you success in your upcoming Dota 2 games, as well as help you understand the beautiful game of Dota 2 even more. Cheers!