What is Dota 2 calibration

Calibration is the first step for gaining player rating. Calibration games are conducted at the beginning of each season and a level of matches that a participant can play during the season depends on their results.

When Dota 2 season calibration provided

Not all the players can play calibration games. In order to obtain this opportunity, you must have a minimum 20 level account, thus for gaining it you need to play more than 100 matches. It’s not so easy and takes much time, but using Turbo mode a game will be faster and more fun.

The quality of the calibration matches affects the whole season level, so it’s worth spending time once for playing, but then 6 months have a good MMR and worthwhile opponents.

As you probably know, in addition to a rating that you see in your profile, there is also a normal, or hidden rating. It is formed during the period of your calibration games, and further impacts the level of your normal games.

How to play successful Dota 2 new season calibration

For quality calibration game conducting you should know what factors affect a rating calculation. Dota 2 calculates a MMR based on these calibration game indicators:

1 - Win/loss. The more often you win, the higher your MMR. This is the first and most important factor that is considered in the Dota 2 rating.

2 - KDA (Kills+Assists/Deaths). Try to die as little as possible and take part in many murders, thus your rating will be excellent. You aren’t obliged to finish off an enemy, it’s enough to make several hits at your dying rival.

3 - GPM (Gold-per-minute) and XPM (Experience-per-minute). This are important indicators, thus try to earn them as much as possible. You can see it in your table of results.

4 - Damage to rival heroes/ to tower.

Indicators that doesn’t affect MMR rating:

  • Dota 2 level;
  • Total amount of time spending on playing Dota 2;
  • Stream level;
  • Compendium level.

Whom to play for Dota 2 calibration matches

To get quick and successful Dota 2 season calibration you should play as a carry or as a mid player, because the characters in this role always have the greatest all above indicators. Furthermore, they have the highest influencing on a win in matches, thus it’s easier to gain a high percentage of win/loss in these roles. Keep in mind that assists don’t really affect KDA of carry, just kills and deaths