Dota Underlords - HOW TO WIN?

At the moment, one of the strongest in the game is the build through 6 magicians. It is characterized by extreme simplicity in the choice of heroes, a huge amount of damage and the widest variety of improvement options available to other players, thanks to which you can win most matches.

In this part of our series of guides for Dota Underlords, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this strategy, which characters to assemble for it and which items are best to have in order to guarantee high places.

Advantages and disadvantages

Traditionally, for our guides for Dota Underlords we begin with a description of the advantages and disadvantages of this tactic. The advantages of this strategy are as follows:

  1. Huge instant damage. It is enough to hold the opponents in order to accumulate full mana, and the magicians will literally sweep away all the enemy figures from the board.
  2. Easy to assemble. There are only seven magicians, so it’s enough to decide who you won’t take.
  3. Independence from items. The figures receive a minimum gain from items, with the exception of some, without which you can completely do.
  4. Independence from the third levels. None of the figures get too strong gain, getting the third level, which gives a good savings on gold.

In this case, it is necessary not to mention in the guides and disadvantages of the alliance:

  1. Little health. The standard situation is when heroes are simply killed before they have time to use their abilities.
  2. The need for strong figures. To obtain the necessary power, you need to buy high-ranking pieces that are universal and almost guaranteed to be needed by other players.
  3. Weakness at an early stage. The strategy reveals itself only after level 8.

Because of the last minus, it often happens that magicians “comeback” with a small amount of health, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our other guides for Dota Underlords in order to properly compensate for this disadvantage and turn it to your advantage.


There are several alliances that come together in this bundle:

  1. Dragons Just an added advantage on survival and damage.
  2. Magee. Give the main damage.
  3. Human. Retention control at a later stage.

You can also see our other guides for Dota Underlords with similar assemblies, but this one among them can be called one of the best in terms of simplicity / efficiency.

What figures are needed

  • Pack. Gives a bunch of dragons, can protect the flanks from the killers thanks to the additional ability, beats the area well.
  • Crystal Maiden. The key character that provides mana of all allies. Collecting this bundle without it makes no sense. It can also take the Mask of Madness and provide constant silence on some figure of the enemy.
  • Lina Closes the combination of people for the sake of silence.
  • Ruin One of the most important pieces that helps win even before the final assembly is obtained.
  • Keeper of the light. Deals the main damage on the board, but requires protection.
  • Ogre Magician / Lich. An ogre-magician often keeps on the board at an early stage in order to absorb the blows of opponents and close the bundle while there is no Leech. Then it necessarily changes, since by itself it does not give any board gain at later levels.
  • Knight dragon It combines with Pak, giving an additional massive nuke, as well as a good physical blow to the area. It is also the most powerful "tank" in Dota Underlords, which makes it an ideal complement to this bundle.

The most important thing that is important to remember from our guides for Dota Underlords is the list of additional heroes:

  • Kunk It complements the alliance of people, has excellent stats to absorb the blows of the enemy, and also has a massive ability with stunning.
  • Sea tyrant. It has the same advantages as Kunkka, only his ability is much stronger.

These are two figures that perfectly complement this alliance, but if you can’t get these two characters, write down other possible options from our guides for Dota Underlords:

  • Abaddon Combines with the Dragon Knight, and also has an excellent skill that gives both survival and massive magic nuke.
  • Giroletchik. A figure with a very strong AoE-nude.
  • Baby You can keep up to the arrival of strong figures for the sake of a combination of first-born and good AoE-nuke with control.
  • Enigma. A combination of firstborn and good AoE damage, which is especially useful against knights or strong, reinforced Hardened battle. In these two cases, with a lack of bursts, you can even replace it with another figure.
  • The fiend of darkness. Provides a powerful procast before the arrival of the figures stronger. You should not raise it or leave it with the arrival of more useful heroes, since there is often enough magic, but it does not give survival, which is in short supply.
  • Disruptor Additional mass control.

Thank you for reading our article.

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