Stack creeps in Dota 2 is very important. Understanding even basic things makes the game easier and the ability to apply the knowledge gained in the game increases the chance to become a winner in every match. Let us examine one of these basic mechanics - stacks of creeps.

But before that, let's talk a bit about neutral creeps. Neutral creeps are units that are in the forest and do not belong to any team. They are an additional source of gold and experience for all players on the map. Line creeps and neutral differ among themselves in the amount of gold and the experience that a player receives when they are killed. Thus, a detachment of creeps of line creeps without a catapult gives about 170 gold and 240 experience for a kill, with a catapult 240 gold and 328 experience.

Forest creeps are very different both from the line creeps, and among themselves. Forest creeps are divided into four types: small camps, medium, large and ancient. Each camp is divided into different types of creeps, and for simplicity, we single out the average amount of experience and gold, which is possible for killing one camp:

  • Small camp: From 59 to 76 gold, from 99 to 116 experience.
  • Medium camp: From 72 to 93 gold, from 116 to 170 exp.
  • Big Camp: From 90 to 105 gold, from 135 to 220 exp.
  • Ancient camp: From 162 to 180 gold, from 195 to 314 experience.

It turns out that if you single-handedly kill a pack of line creeps, you will get as much gold and experience as you would from one pack of ancient creeps. So what then is the use of forest creeps, if they appear once a minute, and the line creeps - two. If you or your team mate will make stacks of creeps, by killing this stack you can get a huge amount of gold and experience at a time.

Farm on the line gives a lot more gold and experience than farm in the forest, but if you farm forest stacks, you can get much more than on the line. Therefore, it is important to learn how to make stacks.

A stack of neutral creeps is a process in which a player at a certain time provokes neutral creeps and leads them away from the place of rebirth. With the correct execution of the action from scratch a new creep camp will appear.

On the map, you can remember at what second and in which direction to take creeps. Forest creeps on the yellow dots should be diverted at 54-55 seconds, red dots - 53-54-55 seconds, green - 54-55 seconds.

How to divert? Go to the camp of the forest creeps in time and provoke them (with a blow or ability), then just run away in the direction, not much moving away from the creeps. Then the creeps will return to the camp to the already appeared fellows.

When playing for all the characters, you can consistently make one stack per minute if you give it time. Certain game situations and characters, as well as the knowledge of players and the ability to realize them, allow us to make two or more stacks at a time:

Two stacks at a time: any hero with the ability to call up units or create illusions - the hero provokes and withdraws one camp, his illusion / controllable unit is the second, for example, Beastmaster or the rune of illusions. Any hero with an ability that inflicts damage on an area - the hero provokes and withdraws one camp, and on the other uses his spell, for example - Lina and her first ability Dragon Slave.

Three stacks at a time: any hero with the ability to summon units or create illusions, for example, Chen and his controlled units, Naga Siren illusions.

Four or more stacks at a time is a difficult job, even for professional players, strive for this result.

Remember - it is very important to make stacks! If you have time and opportunity to take a forest camp - take away. Any missed opportunity is the loss of important gold and experience that your or allied character can receive. This is especially important when playing for heroes who can quickly clean forest creep camps:

  1. Characters with AOE damage items. This can be Buttelfury, Radiance or Maelstrom for 1/2/3 position heroes or Meteor Hammer for 4/5 position heroes.
  2. Characters with active / passive abilities that help to quickly kill packs of creeps. For example, Split Shot from Medusa or Marksmanship Drow Ranger.
  3. Characters capable of summoning controlled units. For example, clones Meepo.
  4. Alchemist and his ability to Greevil's Greed.

Separately, it should be said about how important forest stacks are for heroes of the first and second positions. The forest stacks help the leader who has lost his line help to return to the game, and carry is getting closer to key artifacts as soon as possible. It works and vice versa - a leader who has won his line can become top-1 in terms of experience and gold at the expense of farm forest stacks, which will allow him to dictate his rules on the map, and for Kerry this is a great bonus with excellent farm.

Basic tips for forest stacks:

  1. Try to make stacks as soon as possible and let your midor or carry them farm.
  2. In your free time, look into a foreign forest - perhaps there awaits you a forest camp, cluttered with enemies.
  3. When playing for support, buy extra wards for extra money. Sentry will help you to ban other people's camps and unban your own, while the Observer in your forest will secure you in