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Since 2014, for you!


We provide lifetime warranty on all accounts. In our store you can find 100% legit and secure Dota 2 accounts. Instand delivery after payment on your email. You don’t need to wait for live support to get your account. It’s all done automatically. We have a huge selection of Dota 2 accounts with a high amount of MMR for you.

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  • Anonymity
    The booster uses the "stealth" mode - your account will be offline. Also, the booster will not write to the chat, no one will suspect that you have ordered a boost.
  • Speed
    On weekdays, the booster plays at least 10 hours a day, on weekends this time increases. This ensures that the booster will meet the specified deadlines.
  • Safety
    The booster will not be able to use the trade, sell items, and also will not be able to change the mail and password. All our boosters have provided passport details.
  • Quality
    The work of the booster is broken down into stages, which helps us maintain the quality standard We value our reputation and love our clients.
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